Presence of Faeit- 40k Codices: Picking the Winners and Losers

Presence of Faeit- 40k Codices: Picking the Winners and Losers

We all know that the first four codices, are Space Marines, Chaos Marines, Grey Knights, and Death Guard, but just how safe are new armies to get into when they first become a Codex Army. Will your new army be demoted back into its parent codex in the years ahead?

I have not done an editorial in quite some time, and while I use to do these almost weekly back in 5th edition, this return is a one time shot for now. Also for the rest of this article, and most of the time, I will be spelling Codices in the manner that GW is, Codexes. 

Imagine the excitement and fun it is when you finally discover the army you have been working on for years, or have always wanted to start building gets a book or supplement dedicated to it. Its an amazing thing, and myself included have been buying into these for years, starting with Chapter Approved rules and White Dwarf articles really focusing on the lore and legends behind some of these armies.

Then we starting getting codex supplements, these were extremely fun as well, but again it seems most likely that armies that once had a dedicated book and focus, will be delineated back to their parent codex. This has been true for Clan Raukaan, Iyanden, and the Farsight Enclaves.

We moved forward with the Khorne Daemonkin. This gave us a dedicated army book to one of the 4 Chaos Gods combining both Daemons and Marines together. It was quite awesome in my opinion, but then it all went quiet…. and the other Chaos Gods never got their own.

Now however in the very near future we are to get another book, Death Guard. While I love that they are finally getting their attention, it concerns me again that this might be a one time shot. We are getting hints now of new models, and yes like always I am in on the excitement, but as someone who has seen the coming and going of dedicated codexes, I always fear that these armies will eventually fall back to their parent codex in the years to come.

There have been immense improvements though. The differing legions of Chaos Marines will most likely be getting some of their own rules and flavor in the new Chaos Marine Codex, as well as differing Tyranid Hive Fleets, Enclaves, and Chapters of Space Marines. It is however something I consider and contemplate before jumping into another new 40k army. Will my new codex be supported in the years to come, or fall back to their parent codex………

Im looking at you…….. Death Guard. Welcome to the family of the Black Templar, Harlequins, Iron Hands, Iyanden, Genestealer Cults, Khorne Daemonkin, Clan Raukaan, Black Legion, Crimson Slaughter, Farsight Enclaves, Imperial Fists, Legion of the Damned, Militarum Tempestus, Catachans, Skitarii, and Deathwatch.

Did you notice that I didn’t even touch Sisters of Battle, or even touch on armies that were part of other supplements, like Speed Freaks. Nor have I said Squats or said squatted, well, now I’ve done it once and perhaps twice.

I used to think that as long as there were supported models that I was choosing an army that will stay, but alas….. the Black Templar and Sisters have had supporting models. I also don’t mind having armies that do not have a dedicated codex, but the back and forth, or going from having their own codex, to supplement, and then back into a parent codex can give you the bends. (divers joke)

I do have a lot of hope for the new edition of 40k. I believe by far that this is the best edition of 40k we have seen in a long time, and perhaps ever. New codexes though, beyond the ones we have seen every edition since 3rd edition, always give me pause.

Games Workshop has said the following in regards to codex releases.

«We’re kicking off (8th Edition) with Space Marines. Then soon after, we’ll have Chaos Space Marines, Grey Knights and Death Guard»

«You can expect to see around 10 new codexes before Christmas, starting with Codex: Space Marines, coming later this month.»

«Codex: Space Marines will be swiftly followed by the Grey Knights and Chaos Space Marines with Death Guard not far behind. (Yeah, you read that right – the sons of Mortarion are getting their own codex.)»

«Even with the pace we’re planning on releases these new codexes, it’s going to take well over a year to get to all of them.»

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