Raid On Mawrack Peninsula coming May 23rd

Warhammer World’s Studio were happy to finally show off their latest diorama at Warhammer Fest, Raid On Mawrack Peninsula. If you didn’t get the chance to see it at the event, or are yet to have a look at photos shared online, here’s a closer look!

Having taken over an abandoned coastal settlement, a Bonesplitterz clan is now discovering what happened to the previous dwellers, as the Idoneth Deepkin rise…

One of the biggest challenges for this display was getting the water effects right. Many hours were spent researching how tides, waves, currents and water work in regard to a large beach or cove. The piled waves and water effect were achieved using PVA glue piped out of a plastic bag like icing, built up over layers, and a final touch of Valhallan Blizzard for the crests.

If you want to see more of what the Warhammer World Studio took to Warhammer Fest (like two of the gaming tables from Warhammer World set up complete with miniatures) have a look at Warhammer Community’s Live Blog from the event, here.

To see the diorama for yourself, we’re closing Exhibition area 1 of the Warhammer World Exhibition on May 22nd, and it’ll be available to see in the Exhibition Centre from May 23rd. It’s well worth getting up close to, as they team have packed lots of detail into the beautiful board!

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