Sylvaneth vs. Nurgle – Battle Report part 2

Turn 2 ? Ant

Time for the Branchwych to come into her own. Casting Unleash Sprites, she takes out 3 (3!) Warhounds and further wounds the Glottkin. It?s looking as if the sylvaneth might just repel this attack!

Drycha Hamadreth casts Mystic Shield, boosting her save roll, and what with her being Enraged and all gets a double attack. This means a potential 36 attacks (well? actually, it doesn?t. She only doubles Slashing Talons, so it?s a potential 24 attacks. But hey, Warhammer Age of Sigmar is about playing games your way ? Ed)? Launching a hive of Squirmlings, she removes another of Kris? models from the board.

In the combat phase, the Branchwych singled out the one remaining Warhound and kicked its face in with a single blow. No more Warhounds! Riding this wave of smashment, Drycha rolled high and removed the final wounds from the Glottkin. Right now, the battlefield is looking pretty sparse for Nurgle?s hordes…

Turn 2 ? Kris

The hero phase saw the summoning monster that is Kris come into full effect, bringing out three Heralds of Nurgle and two units of Plaguebearers of Nurgle. A pretty impressive haul that would have been even more impressive, had he not run out models to place.

It?s anyone?s game right now. The movement phase saw his Gargant move to intercept the Tree Revenants. His Blightkings moved swiftly in to deal with the Branchwych, while a unit of Plaguebearers moved forward towards the Realmgate, hoping to prevent Alarielle arriving in the next turn.

The shooting phase saw nothing exciting but the combat phase was a bloody mess of wood chips. The Gargant charged in and began to stuff a Tree Revenant into his bag, then with one sweep of his massive club smashed the others to kindle before they knew what was coming.  

The Blightkings also showed no mercy with the Branchwych, swarming over her and taking her down ? but not before she inflicted 2 wounds on Kris? General with her Greenwood Scythe.

End of turn 2

Turn 3/4 ? Ant

With Ant taking back control the hero phase saw Drycha on the rampage again, managing to keep her enraged aspect going. She unleashed Arcane Bolt, but Kris put a stop to it with some deft dice rolling The next move was to activate the gate and bring forth Alarielle, which was successful. Her sudden arrival is definitely a game-changer!

She cast Metamorphosis, which begin to take models off the board with ease. The Chaos faction was suffering severe losses at her hand, and with her command abilities she rolled and managed to get every sylvaneth unit within 30? to recover D3 wounds.

The movement phase saw Drycha head straight towards the Gargant while Alarielle dealt with the newly summoned Heralds of Nurgle.

The shooting phase was just as brutal as the last one, with Squirmlings managing to hit 5 different unit of Chaos. Drycha Hamadreth is a monster.

Ant, however, is not; completely forgetting about Alarielle?s Spear of Kurnoth?

Turn 3/4 ? Kris

Kris? hero phase saw no real abilities except for Nurgle?s Rot. Every spell cast was turned aside, however ? Alarielle and Drycha are really, really good at this.The movement phase saw groups of Plaguebearers surrounding the Realmgate, while the Blightkings moved to intercept and finish off the Dryads.

The combat phase for chaos was a good one with the Dryads standing no real chance against the Blightkings. Multiple 6s being rolled gave an additional D6 extra attacks which, to say the least, destroyed the Dryads utterly.

Drycha was surrounded, and Nurgle?s minions managed to get her down to her last wound. They didn?t count on her being quite as Enraged as she was, however, and her retaliation destroyed all but one Herald. That Herald was quickly stomped by an impassive Alarielle, commanding her Wardroth Beetle to crush it utterly.

By the end of turn 4 the battlefield was knee-deep in corpses ? and Chaos had just managed to capture the Realmgate, cleverly drawing the sylvaneth away.


Ant – The new sylvaneth range has added such fun elements  ?  so much attacking power, along with some devastating command abilities. Dyrcha was the lady of the match ? by keeping her Enraged, her kill count was in double figures within three turns. She?s worth having in your collection, I may have to figure out a way to take more than one…

Kris ? For my money, this was a fun game enhanced by the beautiful models and exciting story. Alarielle has been freed, and will reap a hefty toll in future games between us, I?m sure!

Author: Davydd, Ant & Kris

Please share your miniatures with us via our Flickr pool here.  Some may find their way onto this very blog.
Please share your miniatures with us via our Flickr pool here. Some may find their way onto this very blog.

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