Tactics for Blood Angels

The recent release of Start Collecting! Blood Angels got us thinking about how to use these valiant Space Marines in our games. Who better than our resident tactics guru and Blood Angel fan-boy John to lead us through how he?d deploy them?

John – In my opinion, the best of the lot is the Librarian. He’s cheap, hard hitting and comes with Divination psychic powers – awesome. But how to get the most out of him? Well to start with, give him a force staff. It’s not AP 2/3 – trust me you won’t miss it – wounding on a 2+ is much better, for the most part. Anything that you need AP 2 against will usually obliterate the poor blue-armoured warrior in short order, as he’s going last – along with all those nasty power fists, thunder hammers and so on, which will turn him inside out pretty quick, as he lacks an invulnerable save ? which his enemies often DO have. Ouch.

So what’s the advantage of the staff? Well strength 6 is what I call the «magic strength value». You get into range of glancing armour 12, which is nice against walkers you accidentally bump into (try to avoid them though), you wound all those toughness 4 models on a 2+, you wound Monsters on a 4+ (mostly..) and if they fail that save.. pop! Instant Death with your Force weapon (remember to cast the power first though). Now add in Furious Charge and you have 4 strength 7 attacks on the charge, which is perfect for taking on a wide variety of units.

Next, I’m going to draw your attention to the mighty, all-powerful, all-singing, all-dancing Drop Pod. Most of your units are just better with a Drop Pod. Death Company Dreadnought? Drop Pod. Tactical Squad? Drop Pod! Command Squads full of melta guns? Drop Pods! You get the idea I’m sure.

The most flexible unit in my opinion is, Sternguard. A range of combi-and-heavy weapons makes this one of the most cost effective, hard hitting units in the game. Tool them up to kill a certain target and they are incredible.

A Space Marine Bike squad consisting of two grav guns, and a sergeant with a combi-grav weighs in at only 103 points. Get three of those units and all of a sudden you are hosting more grav shots than a squad of five Centurions, with more mobility and the ability to throw in a charge every once in awhile (it’s even cheaper too).They are not as durable as Centurions though, so you have to be more careful. Stick to flanks and try and zip around cover as best you can.

Let’s be fair, the life of an Assault Marine is hard. Luckily, Blood Angels can make the best of it with the following:

Librarians with Jump Packs (yes, really) and Sanguinary Priests with Jump Packs.

The basic idea is that you tool up a full 10 man squad, slam the above characters into it and run at the enemy down a flank. The Librarian either uses Divination or the Blood Angels Discipline to add survivability to the squad, which combos well with the Sanguinary Priest, who adds Feel No Pain so even less die. Then when you get there, Furious Charge, plus the various psychic powers that let you re-roll hits or give the squad Rage will really let you smash the enemy to a pulp. Or, take a big old squad of Death Company ? they get most of that for free! Just watch out for Battle Cannons. A chap I know has 10 Death Company, all kitted out with Power Maces. That’s a lot of Strength 7 attacks right there.

Storm Ravens are tough, full of guns and capable of transporting those characters, Assault Marines or Sternguard to make sure they get a full round of shooting or close combat off without taking casualties. I’d recommend the Assault Cannon and Multi-Melta weapon options, in terms of flexibility they are top notch.

That’s all for now, and it’s just the tip of the Iceberg! Have fun and may Sanguinius watch over you.

Author: John

Please share your miniatures with us via our Flickr pool here. Some may find their way onto this very blog.
Please share your miniatures with us via our Flickr pool here. Some may find their way onto this very blog.

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