The Age of Darkness

The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Legions is available to order now. This fantastic book is the perfect accompaniment to the Crusade Army List, collecting and updating the rules and unit profiles for thirteen Legions, including unique units, special characters, and each Legion’s mighty Primarch.

Within its pages you’ll find units and rules for:

The Alpha Legion; The Death Guard ;The Emperor’s Children ;The Imperial Fists; The Iron Hands; The Iron Warriors; The Night Lords; The Raven Guard; The Salamanders; The Sons of Horus; The Ultramarines; The Word Bearers; and The World Eaters.

For the first time, this book also features rules for the Iron Circle; Perturabo’s unyielding bodyguard Battle-automata, built to his own, deadly design.

Order your copy now!

Also available now are nine awesome new bundles. Each one is a fantastic next step for your army, adding elite units to your collection. The Legion bundles are the perfect way to expand your legion, especially if you started with one of the Legion Task Forces. All of them are fantastic value, choose yours today…

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