The battle of Manticore Gate

We have all been thoroughly inspired by the General?s Handbook, none more than Narrative Play drum-banger Gary. One of our weekly games nights produced a memorable battle based on the following story from Battletome: Ironjawz.

Gordrakk took great pleasure in retaking the Manticore Dreadhold. He knew the ?Spikie?s? would be back to try and take it again, they were so predictable. Every time the army they sent got bigger, this time he had a feeling it would be worth hanging around for the ruck.

When word reached Archaon of the fall of the Manticore Dreadhold it was said his anger was terrible to behold. He despatched the King of Ashes to lay waste to the impudent Orruks and topple the offending idol they had raised over his own icon of glory.

Seeking to further his own plans, the Gaunt Summoner Skry?l?lex accompanied Khazek to Ghur. Hissing in the ear of Archaon that his presence would ensure victory. Secretly though he despised the King of Ashes and wanted to be near at hand to witness the Khorne lord?s potential demise.

Khazek?s arrival took the orruks camped around the Dreadhold by surprise, the warriors of his blood lodges quickly scattering those who could not make it to the safety of the summoners hellgate. If the King of Ashes could have seen past his own fury, he might have noticed that the orruks garrisoning the Dreadhold were of a different breed. Well armoured, massive Brutes manned the walls and they were ready for a fight. As it was Khazek hurled his army against them with reckless abandon, scores of chaos warriors losing their lives as they sought to gain the walls.

As the Chaos Horde charged, skull wreathed viaducts rose from the ground to propel the Chaos cavalry onto the walls of the Manticore Dreadhold. Gordrakk screamed in frustration as his Brutes broke and ran under the Skullcrushers charge. However his mood swiftly changed as he stepped up onto the walls and wiped the offending interlopers out in a flurry of axe strikes and ear-splitting bellows. From the cleared walls he could see the boss of the Chaos Horde flying towards him on the back of a sizable dragon. This might be a fight worth his time after all.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Bigteef ripped chunks out of the pathetic beast and the riders attacks bounced harmlessly from Gordrakk?s armour. The combined might of Smasha and Kunnin? finished him off easily and as Gordrakk turned back to view the Manticore dreadhold he saw the banners of his Brawl still flying high. Hopefully the next whelps sent to take the Dreadhold would be a little tougher. If not, Gordrakk would have to go and find someone else to duff up.

Skry?l?lex watched the duel between the two army generals with a shark-like smile. He could have intervened at any moment but only chose to do so once the King of Ashes had been toppled. Pointing forth his staff, he lashed Gordrakk with a searing beam of energy. The iridescent bolt cut a furrow through the flank of Bigtoof causing a howl of bestial agony. Gordrakk?s head snapped around to stare at the Gaunt Summoner. Kicking Bigtoof until he turned, Gordrakk bellowed his challenge to the sorcerer. Skry?l?lex shook his head. Cackling aloud, he turned and  fled through the nearby Realmgate back to his master, already spinning the tale of the battle in his head to turn it to his advantage…

To make this narrative battle special I wanted to bring The King of Ashes to life on the table top with his own rules.

I had to sacrifice several members of the Web team but my summon rules writer spell was successful in generating a Warscroll for him.

Hissing something about «unofficial rules» and «not for matched play», I managed to wrestle the Warscroll from the rules daemon James’ claws and hurl him back into the realm of chaos.

If you would like to use the King of Ashes in your own narrative or open play games, you can download his Warscroll here.

Author: Gary & Jamie

Please share your miniatures with us via our Flickr pool here. Some may find their way onto this very blog.
Please share your miniatures with us via our Flickr pool here. Some may find their way onto this very blog.

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