The Call of Sigmar, part three.

This time Gary looks at the gaming aspects of his new collection. 

Gary – I?ve never played with the forces of Order in Age of Sigmar but I?ve always found the best way to get to grips with the tactics of an army is to get stuck into some games. My first battle in the Season of War was also my first points match game of Age of Sigmar. My old nemesis Jamie challenged me to an 800 point battle over lunchtime. To satisfy my narrative itch I made sure that my 800 point army reflected the story I?d come up with for the Caelanar by including some Stormcast Eternals. A close fought game ended up with Jamie winning by 11 victory point?s to 10 and taught me a lot about the tactics of my army. 

Phoenix Guard are an immovable object. Their witness to destiny rule combined with their high armour save meant that I didn?t lose a single model. They were also the only unit in my army that could contain and kill Jamie?s Stonehorn (it rampaged through everything else). 

Stay out of charge range! I had some powerful missile troops in my force but in my eagerness to get them in range I also exposed myself to needless charges. Essentially I played right into the hands of the Beastclaw Raiders and gave up a strong advantage.

Don?t forget your bonuses. One of the great things about Age of Sigmar are the cool ?combos? you can build up with the special rules of your army. There were a few times I forgot to employ these in my game (and missed during army selection) that may have altered the course of the battle. I think next time I?m going to print out a little menu of special abilities as a reminder.

I plan to add so much more to this collection, certainly to the point where I have a full Stormcast army. Thankfully my Path to Glory force will give me plenty of new miniatures to use!

Author: Gary & Jamie

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