The Doctor Is In!


The Doctor Is In!

Attention, Guardsmen!

Excellent news! We have managed to procure a new medic for your regiment!

Doctor Strahb is a civilian doctor who, alongside several brave civilians willing to fight the good fight, has offered to join your regiment. As your last medic was executed for heresy,* this is a superb opportunity which should ensure that, when you do find inevitable martyrdom, it will be on the battlefield and not in the mess hall, or somewhere equally ignominious.**

In a textbook example of his superb medical practice, the doctor has offered every single Guardsman a free ?genetic purity screening?, and has a variety of supplements available for those who do not pass muster. It is recommended you take these immediately! Additionally, you may be issued with a religious pamphlet. While the faith of these hive dwellers is simple, its veneration of the Emperor as a great, many-armed arbiter of justice from beyond the stars is commendable, and you are welcome to join them in prayer.***

Enjoy good health, Guardsmen!

++ Thought for the Day: Even a faithful servant may turn on his master. ++

* While the people of this planet may have customs, your medic was out of line in accusing such brave, hard-working individuals of being some kind of ?sinister xenos cult?. Such lies are typical of those in the thrall of the Archenemy.

** Indeed, we imagine Commissar Cherenkov would have survived his mysterious poisoning were Doctor Strahb present!

*** Particularly after your Munitorum Priest tripped and fell on that power pick several times! Please note that such clumsiness will be punished severely to discourage further accidents.

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