The final Army of your Dreams winner!

Evan Wroblewski is the third, and final, winner of our recent competition to win the army of your dreams. We are all very jealous (very very jealous)… We have published all of the other winners so far and there is only Evan left, so let?s find out all about his dreams?

Clan Company Iron Furies

Born from the shame of Istvaan, these sons of Ferrus Manus have thrown their bodies into the forge, taking on as many modifications as the Mechanicum can splice into their flesh. The Iron Furies clan sees itself as a corpse reborn, each soldier?s weaknesses stripped away and replaced with augmetics to enhance his strengths. The clan has proudly carried on Manus?s quest for constant improvement. And though no chapter can belong to Mars, the Iron Furies have not forgotten who remade them, who perfects their bodies and fills their brimming armories.

The Iron Furies took the small moon of Rigar as their homeworld. Though sparsely inhabited and with only a small, ceremonial monastery, It?s no secret that Rigar was chosen purely for the forgeworld below. Teslos, with its sprawling laboratories and monolithic munitorums, has gifted many of the Iron Furies with their new bodies and favored weapons. The bulk of Iron Furies? forces stay in Mechanicum installations upon Teslos or research posts in nearby systems.

The stratagems of the Iron Furies reflect much of their new motto ?Wear the Scars, Wield the Fury?.  The Librarians of the chapter strive to ensure mistakes of prior battles are not repeated and build a meticulous battle plan that will leverage the Iron Furies? awesome firepower without giving in to recklessness. Chaplains and Techmarines work the ranks over; ensuring the maximum payload is brought to bear and the enemies? weaknesses are known.  Heavy tanks and thunderfire cannons provide intense suppression of enemy forces while squads of devastators obliterate key threats and land speeders flank entrenched enemies.

While the Furies are careful not to overextend, the Mechanicum is perhaps even more protective of the allies they have invested so much into. It is not uncommon to see ranks of Skitarii acting as advance troops and scouts, and even sacrificing themselves to protect the firing positions of the Furies. These honored legions of Skitarii assigned to serve the Iron Furies wear the clan?s colors to battle, emblazoned with the coiled-lightning icon of Teslos.

My goal here is a pretty high-tech army, kitbashing a lot of AdMech parts into the Space Marine line to give them some extra augmentation. I love the big suits and big guns, so some centurions are a must, as are devastator weapons, possibly a Master of the Forge, techmarines, etc. The ruststalker and vanguard kits are a dream for cyborging some Marines. I?m thinking of mixing some Ironstrider and Castellan parts onto a couple dreadnaughts as well, maybe even swapping an Onager body in as a Stormraven cockpit.

The color scheme will use Iron Hands black and metal as the basis, but with a lot of blues, from electric bright glows, shining blue tints over fresh metals, and stormy gray-blues as trim and cloth sections. Various washes, weathering, and metallic tones will be used to expand the variety and add some pop.

Author: Evan & Jamie

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