The hunt for the Great White Squig part one

Gary – With the Season of War now in full swing, I wanted to play as many games of different types as possible. 

Step up Simon of Forge World customer service fame and his Moonclan Grotz. Having spent the last month annoying Simon with my traditional pre-battle smack talk, we sat down to discuss our battle. In the end we opted to play a narrative game but with a rough points match, Simon has painted an awful lot of Grotz and weight of numbers is reflected in their cheaper points cost. I was going to be outnumbered and on the back foot right from the first round.

The Narrative

Simon – After Gary and I had decided on a narrative game, it became focused around the background I had for my Moonclan Grots. This had my Shaman (Squiggash) having a dream that the Great White Squig had appeared and whoever controls it will become the Eater of Realms, unstoppable in battle. So, my Warlord (Squiggmah) led his forces into the Realms following this vision.

We decided that as I didn?t yet control the Great White Squig, Gary and I would dice off each turn to see who controlled it. So, after rolling to see who gained initiative, we then each rolled a D6 and whoever rolled the highest controlled it.

The first few turns

Victorious and bloody from their clash with the Covenant of the Sundered Moon. The battered vanguard of the Reboryn had made camp in the shattered dominion of Tyliun City. Nightfall brought raucous feasting, the warband sure that none would dare challenge them. It wasn?t until the first Grot arrows began falling that the Reboryn knew they were under attack.

Gary – With setup complete, I looked out across the field at the rather large horde of Grotz arrayed against my paltry force. It was at this point that we placed the Great White Squig in the centre of the board and rolled off to see who controlled it during the first round. 

For those of you that don?t know, Blog Overlord Jamie cursed me in the dim and distant past so that I can never win a roll off. This curse came back to haunt me straight away, the Great White Squig rampaged into my Bloodletters and devoured the whole unit in my first turn. This left me with a grim choice, either I try and kill the Squig with my remaining units or continue to let it rampage and hope I get control of it! In the end I continued to let it rampage but this would prove to be a costly choice.

After following his ladz through the Realm Gate, Squiggmah had three things crossing his mind. One, that the Great White Squig was really, really big, two that he didn?t yet control it and three that there were also some red boyz of Khorne here too. 


He turned to Squiggash, shouted ?U led uz ‘ere, you control it,? and pushed him forward towards the Great White Squig. The ladz were now looking at him, so putting on his best boss voice, he yelled ?Go get ?em ladz, I?ll be right behind you!? 

Simon – We rolled off for initiative which I won, then we rolled off for the control of the Great White Squig, which I also won. Not too bad a start for me. This was then followed by all my forces, except for Squiggmah, hurtling towards Gary?s forces arrayed around the Realm Gate in his deployment zone.

I had high hopes for what the Great White Squig could do and it certainly didn?t disappoint me. The only thing that I failed to do on the first turn was not gloat over Gary?s misfortune!

I was a little worried about what would happen to my forces if Gary gained control of the Great White Squig on turn two. Come back tomorrow and see if he managed it…

Author: Gary & Simon

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