The Legions get Tactical

Horus Heresy games can be big, much bigger than normal games of Warhammer 40,000. The units can be pretty big too. In the Space Marine Legions, Tactical Squads can include up to 20 bolter wielding Space Marines!

Units of 20 Space Marines can make a real mess of your opponent, and they form the heart of your army, so today we?re releasing 20 man Legion Tactical Squads for each of the 18 Legions.

Each Legion Tactical Squad includes 20 plastic Space Marines in Mk IV Armour, 20 resin Mk IV shoulder pads for your Legion, 10 resin Legion heads and 5 resin Legion torsos. Everything you need to personalise your unit and make a full 20 man Legion Tactical Squad for £90. As they love to be different, the Space Wolves Legion Tactical Squad does not include heads, and is £80.


If you?re not sure how to get started and pick your Legion, we?re here to help. Take a look at our new Getting Started with The Horus Heresy page, it?s full of useful information on the Legions.


Posted by Chris


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