The Prime Ork? New Ghazghkull Thraka Model

The Prime Ork? New Ghazghkull Thraka Model

I tend to ignore April 1st rumored bits (its almost like a day off), but this one apparently is sticking around. Although you may need some water.

Please take this with an extremely high dose of salt. There may be something here though, with a “prime Ork” being the highest evolutionary form. Just please use a different name.

via Lord Valrak on Bolter and Chainsword

Ghazz is going to receive a new model, prime Ork. New models on release of codex.

I have a chap that sends me stuff, the last thing he sent me was Knight Codex information about a week or two before GW announced it. Again I have to state, bring your SALT!

Ghaz will become a Prime Ork, not units.

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