To the Death!

Scenario 3

The game started pretty badly for the Deathwatch. Turn 1 saw the scattered deployment of the models forcing them straight into shooting as everyone was within range. A few good rolls by the Eldar saw the first casualties as a few marines fell to the xenos weaponry of the Harlequins.

Early on the armour of the Venerable Dreadnought took a severe pounding by the Harlequin Starweaver as its blasts tore through the rear hull, staggering Nihilus and leaving only a single wound left. Fortunately, he had some backup from the nearby Artemis and his squad of Marines ? Crull and his phase sword among them. The skimmer was soon overwhelmed and brought crashing to the ground in a ball of flames and shattered Eldar bones. As the smoke from this event cleared the Marines reformed ready for the next conflict.

The jump troops of Galatael?s squad soon pounced on the Harlequin?s Skyweavers. Jet packs roaring, they slammed into the sides of the Skyweavers, power hammers beating a furious tattoo and pushing the first Skyweaver to the ground, leaving a shimmering vapour trail of death. Galatael?s power sword and Precision Strike rule took care of the second, but this was a war of attrition ? three Marines were lost in the assault, leaving only two to search for the Death Jester that had been prowling nearby.

By now Eldrad was furious, what with skimmers and bikes crashing all around him, so after some failed psychic attacks he hurled himself into combat again. Eldar Blade and Witch Power against the brute force of the Emperor’s might saw sparks of alien colours flashing as Eldrad slew the mighty metal beast ? despite a heroic invulnerable roll of 6 during the first weapons attack. Behind this combat the Harlequin squad darting across the grass towards Squad Crull were piercing the Marines formation and causing all kinds of mayhem as their kisses of the Harlequin showed no mercy. Even Artemis himself was slain after a Look Out, Sir! by Crull which saw an end to the formation advancing down the hill towards Eldrad.

By now the battlefield is a ruin of mangled machinery and bloody bodies cut and twisted on the grass. Marines hung from the ruins and the winding roots of the treeline saw broken Harlequins entwined with them.

As turn 4 finishes there is a single Marine left valiantly holding his own up against a wall of the ruins. Only three Harlequins left now but none of them could bring this example of the Emperor?s finest to his knees, and at the end of turn 6 after two rounds of brutal combat, he stands strong and the game ends as a draw.

Author: Steve and Ant

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