Warhammer Fest 2018 – A Behind the Scenes Look at the Archive!

In this news update for Warhammer Fest 2018 held on May 12th & 13th, we’re having another look at what’s coming from the Archives, with some classic miniatures and more!

The Archives of Games Workshop are a fantastic place to delve into, and given how excited we get when we spot something classic being used for reference in the offices, we know that you get the same buzz going back through the years too.

We’ve already talked about the Archive display here, but in the Warhammer World Studio a few days ago we found the tables not full of diorama parts, but instead boxes, books and miniatures. Exhibition Curator Lise Ward is in the final stages of preparation for Warhammer Fest. Not wanting to pass up the chance to legitimately stop and stare at these classics, we asked her for more information.

Lise: “I started work on 2018’s travelling Archive back in 2017, to create a display which can be used throughout 2018 at the Open Days and Warhammer Fest. It’s hopping from 1978, to 1988, then 1998 and finally 2008. 2018 isn’t really included, as the releases for this year are already at events with the Design Studio teams.”

“Before each event I need to select what’s going to be used, as I might have different shapes and sizes of display cabinet, and there’s no point taking all of the material I’ve gathered if it won’t all fit. I also borrow a handful of miniatures from the cabinets in the Warhammer World Exhibition, so need to round these up, but not too far in advance. Given I’m usually telling people off for borrowing miniatures for longer than is needed, it’d be embarrassing to fall foul of that myself!”

While we were there, Lise got pretty excited about a Land Speeder she’d pulled from the Miniatures storage. “I thought I recognised it, and having got it in here, it’s one of the Land Speeders shown in White Dwarf during their launch in 1998. It might seem a bit sad to get excited about this, but a miniature with an original paint scheme from the time of release often looks quite different to the same miniature painted with current styles.”

If you want to see some Games Workshop history, make sure you get to level two at Warhammer Fest, and find the Archive.

Want to find out more about Warhammer Fest 2018?

Warhammer Fest is simply the ultimate Warhammer experience! Based in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry over the 12th and 13th of May 2018, you?ll find everything any Warhammer Fan could possibly want.

If you’ve missed any of the announcements we’ve already made for Warhammer Fest,  all the news is in one place! Find all of the updates rounded up here: https://warhammerworld.games-workshop.com/tag/warhammer-fest-2018/

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