Warhammer World Stores: Rise of the Gorechosen

Warhammer World is an amazing place to visit. We have Three unique stores where you can purchase the very latest releases, our grand Exhibition halls full of stunning displays that will really get you geared up for your latest project, and of course our world famous Bugman?s Bar so you can sit down and relax on our sofas with a drink and one of our stunning meals from our Menu.


Citadel Store: Gorechosen


gorechosen-boxRare are the gifts bestowed by Khorne.  Rarer still are the ones the almighty Blood God deems worthy…

The Path To Glory is red with the blood of millions and the feet that march upon it do so by crushing the scattered bones of the unworthy who came before. Those that are ruthless enough to conquer this road become forever known as the Gorechosen. Despite this, true glory still lies just beyond the reach of these ferocious champions as only the most barbaric acts of carnage will be enough to claim the Blood Gods favour. For it takes oceans of blood and mountains of skulls to please Khorne. The greater the grisly tribute, the greater the rewards.  What makes as glorious an offering as the slaughter of fellow Gorechosen?

Are you partial to a bit of game based murder in the Blood God’s name?  Do you fancy challenging your friends to a spot of gladiatorial style competition but have never had an arena worthy for the bloodiest of the Ruinous Powers?  Well, you’re in luck!  Gorechosen is everything a game for those dedicated to Khorne should be.  Up to four champions are thrown into a pit to subject each other to copious amounts of obscene violence to prove themselves worthy of the Blood God’s favour.  Whether you’re playing every champion for themselves or teaming up to take down the weakest opponent, the more blood you spill, the better.  If you’re intrigued, this is what you get in the box;

– 4 Gorechosen Champion miniatures, each with their own ultraviolent playing styles and signature moves – Redarg Bloodfane the Exalted Deathbringer, Kore Hammerskull the Skullgrinder, Heldrax Goretouched the Slaughterpriest and Vexnar the Reaper, Aspiring Deathbringer.

– A double-sided arena board with hex grid.

– 4 Fighter Reference cards, with rules and health trackers.

– 52 Action, Initiative and Critical Injury cards.

– 16 page rulebook, which includes rules for an additional four Gorechosen characters.

– Assorted tokens and dice, all the goodies you need to play.

The good thing about Gorechosen is the speed, you can set up and have a game in about an hour.  So you can spill some blood at a pretty fast pace!  Just not real blood.  We can’t condone that.


Forge World Store: Cerastus Knights

As one of the more advanced classes of Imperial Knight, the Cerastus Knight has levels of power and agility beyond that of almost all other Knights.  The vast skill required to simply manufacture such a remarkable machine of war has left this creation notoriously rare.  Generations of households care for what few exist, their meticulous maintenance imperative to keep these mighty Knights marching to war.  Rarer still is the Cerastus Knight-Atrapos.  So extraordinary are these Mechanicus inventions that the Lords Magos of the Mechanicum themselves oversee their production.


Cerastus Knight-Atrapos and Head Upgrade

cerastus-knigh-atraposA terrifying and rare sight to behold, the Cerastus Knight-Atrapos is the bane of xenos and heretic war machines alike.  Despite becoming a renowned masterpiece of war, these battle giants are remarkably scarce in the 41st Millennium.  Precious few Forge Worlds still have both the templates and the technology to craft this class of Imperial Knight, so those seen striding to battle are nothing short of extraordinary.

Whether it is for a Warhammer 40,000 or Horus Heresy era army, the Cerastus Knight-Atrapos is an incredibly dangerous weapon when set against your enemies.  Don’t believe us?  You can see the rules for yourself right here.  It makes a great project to add to your collection, whether you plan to deploy it to the battlefield or not.  If you happen to be curious, it is available in the Forge World store right now.  As are the three brand new Cerastus Knight head upgrades you can see below.  So there are plenty of ways to equip your Cerastus Knight and to please the Omnissiah.  All praise the Omnissiah!



Black Library Store: Echoes of Imperium


echoes-of-the-imperium-coverSavage warp storms have ripped through Imperial space, tearing the Imperium in two.  Despite the strategic prowess of Roboute Guilliman, Imperium Secundus looks doomed to fail, throwing both halves of an already shattered Imperium into chaos.  The galaxy is being consumed by treacherous war, and everywhere from almighty Terra itself to the far reaches of Ultima Segmentum is suffering.  But why was the hope of a new Imperium destined not to survive?  What brought such a bright dream to destruction?  With four different tales set during the time of Imperium Secundus, this audio anthology is a glimpse into a new Imperium, trapped by the foul forces of Chaos.

If Sanguinius on the cover was not enough to tempt you, then maybe what else this CD contains will.  This collection of audio dramas, together on CD for the first time, is a window into Imperium Secundus from four remarkably different perspectives.  There is more than an hour of Horus Heresy goodness, including the audio dramas;

– The Herald of Sanguinius by Andy Smillie

– Stratagem by Nick Kyme

– The Watcher by C Z Dunn

– The Shadowmasters by Gav Thorpe

There is everything from the elite of the Raven Guard to an appearance of the Knights Errant, right alongside the Ultramarines and the Angel that is Sanguinius.  This CD anthology is a really exciting listen, whether you’re a Horus Heresy veteran or just fancy a quick explore of what might have been.  Interested?  Well we have it on the shelves of Black Library from today, so make sure you pick up your copy.


It’s set to be another amazing week here at Warhammer World, with some really great new releases.  So if you want to check out some incredible goodies and some really exciting exclusives then we’ll hopefully see you soon!

Have a fantastic week and we’ll be back with more incredible new releases next time.

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