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Citadel Store: The Black Crusade Continues…

Black Crusade: Angel’s Blade

angelsbladeeng01The armies of Chaos, commanded by the merciless Warmaster Abaddon, have taken a foothold in Imperial space and the Diamor System is burning.  Dark and terrible secrets are beginning to emerge, omens of a cataclysmic fate.  With the combined forces of Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Knights by their side, the noble Sons of Sanguinius are forced into a bitter, bloody war for the very survival of the Imperial of Man.  But with the fruition of Abaddon’s plots looming, what hope do the Blood Angels truly have for saving mankind?

Last week we relished in some Chaos joy with Traitor’s Hate, this week we get the other side of the tale in Angel’s Blade.  Not only do we get the story of how the Blood Angel’s, Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Knights stand against the raging armies of Chaos, but we also get so much more in this campaign supplement.  For anyone with even a vague interest in the Blood Angel’s, this is really exciting.  Inside there is;

– Updated datasheets for Blood Angels, including the new Terminator Captains, Death Company Chaplains, Assault Squads and Devastator Squads

– Relics of the Lost; incredibly rare and powerful Death Company relics once borne by a Chapter member who succumbed to the Black Rage

– Revised and updated Wargear of Baal

– Death Company Tactical Objectives

– 9 new Blood Angels Formations, an Angel?s Blade Strike Force and a Lost Brotherhood Strike Force

– 3 new Altar of War missions: Death on the Wing, Honour of the Angels and No Matter the Odds.

– For those of you inclined to a spot of blood-frenzied fun, there’s even a few pages to guide you through building an army around the Death Company.

Black Crusade: Angel’s Blade Limited Edition

angelsbladeleChaos had their limited edition relic last week, so it’s only fair that the Sons of Sanguinius get theirs this week.  Where Traitor’s Hate was dark and grotesque, the limited edition of Angel’s Blade is a glorious token of Baal.  Which, alongside the full Angel’s Blade campaign supplement also has 6 metal Tactical Objective markers, 36 Tactical Objective cards, a double-sided campaign map/poster and a set of Psychic Powers cards (including all Adeptus Astartes powers, plus the Sanguinary discipline), and some beautifully exclusive artwork, all inside an exclusive, and magnificently decorated, slipcase.

Once again, you guys have shown how coveted these special editions are, because these have also sold out online already.  But limited to a mere 750 copies, there really is no wonder.  That means the only way to acquire this Sanguine treasure is here at Warhammer World, where we

also have the last copies of the Traitor’s Hate Limited Edition.  We have to admit, they look absolutely stunning side by side.  Though maybe keep a safe distance between them.  They aren’t friendly towards each other…

If you’re contemplating starting yourself a Blood Angels collection, or even expanding upon what you already have, we have some amazing bundles available, so pop in to Warhammer World and see what the Sons of Sanguinius are really made of.


Forge World Store: Realm of Battle Mars Pattern Imperialis Landing Pad

marslandingpadFor when your flyer is too big for a normal parking space, like the Skyshield, just are not big enough, you are in luck.  Designed for rapid deployment on even the most hostile of worlds, the Mars Pattern Imperialis Landing Pad has all the necessary support to accommodate a Thunderhawk Gunship, or even the goliath Sokar pattern Stormbird, with adequate space for a full disembarkation of its full compliment of troops.  From the earliest days of the Great Crusade, the Mars Pattern Imperialis Landing Pad has been serving the Imperium and now you can actually have one for yourself.  It looks amazing as a display piece, or if it you’re working on a gaming board, this 2′ x 2′ (610 mm x 610 mm for those of you partial to the metric system) fits with any other Realm of Battle gameboard tiles, whether they happen to be resin or plastic, and is available in Forge World right now.


Black Library Store:

The Beast Arises: The Last Son of Dorn

blprocessed-last-son-of-dorn-ebookThe Imperium of Man lies on the brink of destruction.  Its fleets have been devastated and its armies have been pushed to the brink of annihilation.  Not even a primarch of myth could defeat the infamous Beast and the raging greenskin hordes.  Despite the newly formed Deathwatch kill-teams proving to be the last shred of hope for survival, their deployment is still controversial.  Can Koorland, the symbolic last son of Dorn, finally prove himself to be humanity’s savior, or will the Beast manage to prevail?

This book is a massive turning point for the whole Beast Arises series.  Don’t worry, we’ll keep this spoiler free, so if you’re intrigued about how Koorland stands a chance against some pretty scary Orks, pick up your copy from Warhammer World, it’s on the shelves in Black Library right now, right next to the nine books preceding it.


Space Marine Legends: Shrike

blprocessed-shrike-ebookCountless battles have made Shrike a legend, and now he has ascended the ranks of the mysterious Raven Guard to take his place as Chapter Master.  But one enemy has hounded him throughout his numerous trials and campaigns, the insidious Ork warboss Gorkrusha.  Follow Shrike as he recounts his long, bloody history with his foe and tries to claim a victory that has eluded him for so many years.

Here at Warhammer World we’re proud to have special editions on our shelves, and this special edition of Shrike is definitely something to be proud of.  It’s limited to 1500 copies, all individually numbered and all in the magnetic, soft touch presentation box emblazoned with Shrike’s personally banner.  If you’re a fan of the Raven Guard or not, this is a pretty special piece for any collection.


We’ve got a lot of really great new releases this weekend, so if something is catching your eye then hopefully we’ll see you here at Warhammer World soon.  Have a great week and we’ll be back next weekend to show you even more incredible new releases.

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